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Tours Types & Tour Details:

Spring Blossom Bee Program
May 15th – June 16th

STANDARD PROGRAM – $7.50 per person​
Experience a 90 minute fun filled program led by a trained tour guide. The tour will outline the role of bees in crop pollination and honey making. Various farm crops are examined with an emphasis on seeds, plant growth and flowers. The tour includes tasting fresh rhubarb and asparagus. All ages will enjoy a scenic wagon ride around the farm and a visit to see our small farm animals at the corral.

Summer Berry Program
June 16th – Sept 1st

STANDARD PROGRAM – $7.50 per person​
Enjoy a fun filled 90 minute excursion around our scenic farm. Travel to the picking fields on a tractor drawn wagon to pick our seasonal berries (strawberries, raspberries or blueberries, depending on the time of your visit). Our experienced tour guides will teach participants how to pick fruit to keep it fresh. During your tour we will focus on how crops are grown, how to tell when they have ripened and ready to harvest. Everyone will visit our animal corral to observe our friendly farm animals.

SUPER PROGRAM – $9.00 per person
(Spring Blossom & Summer Berry Tours)
Enjoy everything offered on the standard tour, along with a strawberry ice cream, made with Andrews’ own fruit (substitutes will be provided to accommodate any allergies or dietary restrictions).

Fall Apple Program

September 1st-15th

STANDARD PROGRAM – $7.50 per person
Enjoy the fall colours and a 90 minute tour around the farm, led by a trained tour guide. Participants will pick their own apple from the orchard and learn the cycle of growth, from blossom to fruit. Fall raspberries will be sampled and the ever popular tractor drawn wagon ride and visit to the animal corral is also included. Teachers are given some apple cider to take back to the classroom and another apple for the students to enjoy.

Autumn Pumpkin Program
September 15th- October 31

STANDARD PROGRAM – $7.50 per person
Enjoy the fall colours and admire our sunflowers, dahlias and decorative corn during a 90 minute tour. Participants will pick a pie pumpkin right of the vine in our pumpkin patch. Classroom teachers will receive a Jack-O-Lantern and a decorative corn to take back to school. A trip to our animal corral to see how the animals have grown and a wagon ride around the farm is also included.

SUPER PROGRAM – $9.00 per person
(Apple & Pumpkin Tours)
In addition to the standard program, everyone recieves a bag of freshly popped popcorn and will pick a cob of decorative corn to take home.

Green Program

May 1st – Oct. 31st

STANDARD PROGRAM – $7.50 per person
In this program, you explore renewable energy by visiting our solar panels and learn how sunlight is converted to electricity. At our windmill you will see how wind energy helps aerate the pond, keeping our goldfish supplied with oxygen. Students will also learn about water conservation. We will be teaching the students the importance of recycling and visit our farm compost and see the results of how kitchen scraps and yard waste has been broken down to give us beautiful nutrient rich soil.

SUPER PROGRAM – $9.00 per person
Enjoy the standard program, plus an additional treat of either a freshly made ice cream or freshly popped corn.

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